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Bungee Jumping Instructor

Take the plunge and make money from one of the hottest new crazes around! Do you like to work outdoors? Are you athletic? Do you get along with people? If so, this could be a great way to have fun and capitalize on thrill seekers desire to jump off bridges and out of balloons.

Set up shop someplace public where extreme sports fans are likely to congregate and people will come to you with cash in their hands. You will have to decide what type of bungee jumping you plan to offer. Jumping off of bridges is very popular, but there are many communities that have banned this practice.

What makes this job fun is that you will be able to see the look of joy on your customerís faces. You are selling fun! You will also get to be outdoors all day long in warm weather. Expect to pay a lot of money for insurance. This is a risky activity. If someone dies or gets hurt badly, you may get sued big time.

Some people like to bungee jump out of balloons. If you want to hit that market you will need to get a pilots license...

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